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It can be frustrating to not have your marketing content (such as photography, portfolios, advertisements, project descriptions, contact lists, and other digital files) quickly accessible. Big Woz Marketing can help you organize your digital assets through file management and creative content development so that you can connect with leads professionally and efficiently. Don't let leads slip through your fingers. Big Woz Marketing can get and keep you organized.


Big Woz Marketing examines what your firm is currently doing to stay relevant and competitive. Through extensive conversation, together we determine what is most successful and what can use improvement. We then strategize, discuss, and create a plan that best fits your brand and comfort level. This is a collaborative and open-minded experience, allowing for everyone to understand the implications of every choice being made together. Get in touch with us to learn more about our process.


Your brand strength is built by reputation and visibility. Building strong visibility alone, without reinforcing your reputation, is rarely successful. Content marketing strengthens both visibility and reputation at the same time. It perfectly aligns your brand relevant to your target audience. Big Woz Marketing offers in-house creative content solutions; such as graphic design, copywriting, website management, photography, set-styling, and photography and videography production. We also outsource experts for specialized projects, such a web, app, publication, package, motion graphics, 3D, illustration, and animation design.


Quality content is essential for communication in our visually-driven world. Video and photography is used everywhere to sell your firm, from your website and social media platforms to sales portfolios and newsletters. As a selling tool it is an authentication of your quality in today's society. Big Woz can help you meet this expectation with quality video and  photography of your projects, from creation to completion, and services. Whatever your budgetary needs, we can develop a content creation strategy that shows off your expertise as a firm.


Website maintenance and management can be a time consuming and tedious job. Maintaining a website can be a challenge for any small business. Big Woz Marketing can handle this task for you. From communication with your web designer for software updates to developing a website you have control of, as well as creating content updates and blog posting, we are here for you.


A successful social media campaign takes tremendous time and thoughtful strategy to reach target audiences and develop leads. Big Woz Marketing develops a social media program that reaches your specific target audience and develops lead driving opportunities. We set up a program that best fits your needs. We can create, post, and manage your social media content so you can focus on what you do best, or create a program that you and your staff manage.

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